Being one of the most successful small business accountants in West Midlands, we strive to provide comprehensive assistance to our clients. Taxation is one of the mainstream services that 3M Accountants delivers. Besides the provision of an expert advice on filing the tax return, we also educate our clients on the different categories that come under the tax system of the UK so as to keep them aware, and to protect them from overpaying. We derive a full roadmap for small business owners while providing them complete details and guidelines on the short tax return, the full tax return and the implications associated with them. Some of our most popular services include income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. In order to ensure authenticity, we use only HMRC approved software to calculate and submit tax returns. Our seasoned tax experts can guide you on tax-related areas and recommend the most profitable available options with you. For further details on our different categories, you can view our pages on Sole Traders, Individuals, Partnerships, VAT Return and Taxation.

Our tax specialists provide excellence in the following areas:

  • Assess individuals situation and advise them about tax return
  • Advise clients about the income received from self-employment or a partnership
  • Relevant advice on other income such as land and property rentals
  • Any other income received in Gross and how to calculate them in tax return
  • The implications of different tax rate and how to give one priority over another etc. In our practice, we use HMRC approved software to make sure we calculate the tax liability correctly.

The process of our work:

  • We calculate clients’ tax liability
  • We complete the tax return
  • We file the return online
  • Advise the client about the amount to be paid with due dates

We provide customary services for small businesses on demands